Parents and Guardians

One of the most significant changes a parent experiences in sending a child to college is the difference in privacy standards for education records at the University. The University of Connecticut is subject to a federal law called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) that sets privacy standards for student educational records and information. The University of Connecticut FERPA Policy is available at:

We have several resources available for you to learn more about FERPA and how it impacts you and your student's UConn experience.

Resource #1: FERPA for Families Introductory Video

Watch this brief video to be updated on what FERPA means for you and your University student.

Resource #2: Let's Talk FERPA- Brochure for Families 

Turn to this brochure to get a basic understanding of FERPA and how we are protecting your student's privacy.

Resource #3: FERPA FAQs for Families

Review the questions that we receive frequently from family members.

Resource #4: Share My Information Page

This page provides your student with all they need to know when they would like us to share information with someone other than themselves.

Resource #5: Information for Early College Experience Families