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FERPA Privacy Waiver Provisions

Information for Designees under UConn’s Online FERPA Privacy Waiver

The Online FERPA Privacy Waiver includes six categories of information: Financial Aid, Residential Life, Husky One-Card, Academic Information (Office of the Registrar), Community Standards (The Student Code), and Student Services and Advocacy. This page explains exactly what information the University may discuss with you if your student has named you as a designee under the Online FERPA Privacy Waiver.

Even if your student has designated you under the Online FERPA Privacy Waiver, University faculty cannot discuss academic information (e.g., student grades) with you. You will need to have your student sign a separate, specific waiver in order for this to occur. If you need more information, please contact Rachel Krinsky Rudnick, the Assistant Director of Compliance/Privacy at (860) 486-5256 or

In addition, please be aware that Student Health Services waivers are not included in this Online FERPA Privacy Waiver process. However, their waiver form is available online. If your student wishes to delegate you as a designee who can discuss their information and records with Student Health Services, please ask your student to complete and forward the form to their office for processing.

Should you lose or forget your pass code, please contact your student to remind you of the number, or set a new pass code. The administrative offices listed below will not be able to assist with lost or forgotten pass codes.

Specific information regarding:

Academic Records

Information in this category includes but is not limited to the following

  • Student class schedules
  • Registration appointment information
  • Registration holds
  • Grades and GPA for the most recent term
  • Cumulative GPA

Please be advised that the Online FERPA Privacy Waiver cannot be used to request student transcripts. Students may request transcripts online through the PeopleSoft Student Administration System, in-person or in writing to the Office of the Registrar for undergraduates, the Graduate School for graduate students, or at the School of Law for law students.


Office of the Registrar
(860) 486-3331

Graduate School
(860) 486-3617

School of Law
(860) 570-5136

Community Standards
(The Student Code)

Information in this category includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Student conduct files
    • Current cases
    • Past history
    • Incident reports
  • Parental notification.

Dean of Students

  • Voluntary Separation from the University
    • Students considering or having decided to leave the University including students withdrawing from a semester in progress, students informing us they are not returning for the upcoming semester and students requesting consideration for a leave of absence to take a semester or more off but with a specific return date established.
  • Readmission to the University
    • Whenever there is a gap in a student’s attendance, regardless of the reason.
  • Short Term Emergency Loans (STELF)
    • An emergency loan fund available to degree students during the months of the year when they are in classes at the University to help with financial emergencies.
  • Residency Status
    • A Student who starts at the University in an out-of-state billing status who changes his/her permanent residence to Connecticut and is seeking in-state billing status.
  • Excused Absence from Final Examinations
    • When students are forced to miss a final examination due to illness, accident, death in the family or other unavoidable reasons. With other exams and assignments which are required during the semester students should directly contact their instructors.
  • General Issues of an academic or personal nature in which a student may request advocacy.


Dean of Students Office
(860) 486-3426

Financial Aid Services & Bursar Information

Information in this category includes, but is not limited to:

  • The student’s fee bill balance, charges, debits, credits, and payments appearing on their account. Past due amounts and/or collection activity, payment plans, third party sponsorship, and 1098T information. NOTE: Being listed as a student’s designee gives the University permission to disclose information. It is NOT the same as designating an authorized user for e-bills and payment plans.
  • The student’s pending, current or previous financial aid awards (including types and amounts), certain financial aid application data, document requests, processing status, eligibility, or disbursements.
  • Tuition and fee waivers, scholarship or sponsorship awards, refund or excess amounts, and their processing status.
  • University-maintained loan disbursements, loan billing and repayment history (including eligibility).
  • Health insurance waiver status.
  • Approved academic load (full- or part-time status only), withdrawal dates.
  • Questions regarding related service indicators.
  • Questions regarding a student’s financial aid or financial account record, including the student’s communication history with the Office of the Bursar and the Office of Student Financial Aid Services.
  • Employment history and related matters.
  • Generic Health Services Charge Information including
    • Health Service Fee
    • Health Service Lab Fee
    • Health Service Misc Fee
    • Health Service Pharmacy
    • Health Svc Physical Therapy
    • Health Svc X-Ray

Please be advised that no detail regarding the nature of Health Services provided will be disclosed.

Note: This category does not include the student’s registration or other academic records.


Office of the Bursar
(860) 486-4830

Office of Student Financial Aid Services
(860) 486-2819

Husky One Card Information

Information in this category includes, but it is not limited to Husky Bucks transaction history, including balances, deposits, and other related information.


Husky One Card Office
(860) 486-3129

Parking Services

Information in this category includes, but is not limited to:

  • Parking Services transaction history and balances, deposits, citation history and appeals, vehicle information, and other related information


Parking Services
(860) 486-4930

Residential Life Information

Information in this category includes, but it is not limited to:

  • Financial information pertaining to Residential Life matters (damage billing, credits, refunds, general billing, and charges information)
  • Lottery and other related information
  • Roommate concerns and related information
  • Judicial matters pertaining to Residential Life (prior history, incident reports)


UConn Student Housing Services
(860) 486-2926