There may be instances when recording lectures or other course material where students are identifiable in a video. To help maintain student privacy, the following guidance includes recommended settings when managing these types of recordings. Please do your best to protect your recordings and remind students that they may not re-share recorded course content without your permission.  If students are identifiable in a recording, the class should not be re-sharing recordings at all. 

Cisco WebEx 

After creating a recording that is stored in the cloud, Webex will generate a link that you may share with your class. When you copy and share the link, you will be prompted with share settings. It’s recommended to password protect the recording and/or select the option that limits viewing to only people at UConn. See settings below.  

Webex has been integrated with HuskyCT. If you use the integration and save your recording to the cloud, it will automatically upload to the HuskyCT class page. If the recording is stored locally, you may upload it to Kaltura in order to post in HuskyCT.  

You may also choose to prevent WebEx from recording the likeness of your students. To exclude a student’s likeness from the video, follow these steps:  

1) Select Preferences from the left navigation bar, and then select the Recording tab 

2) Select a recording view that does not capture the thumbnails of students 

 Microsoft Teams 

By default, Teams recordings may only be viewed by authorized users. When you share a link, you will have the option to list individuals that may have access to the recording. Individuals already on your “Team” will automatically have access to the recording when you copy and share the link with them.  


By default, students can access Collaborate recorded sessions within Blackboard. Any link to sessions will not be accessible for students outside of the course. If you need non-identifiable course content to be publicly available for convenience, there is an “allow public access” selection in recording preferences, however this setting should not be used if students are seen or heard in a video.  

Recording Retention Guidance 

Barring any type of atypical incident captured within a recording, classroom recordings generally do not need to be saved. In fact, it is recommended you delete recordings where students are identifiable when they are no longer useful, typically when coursework is complete.