Student FAQs

1. In what circumstances may UConn share my records and information?

The following are common instances where UConn is permitted to disclose education records and information:

  1. To the student himself/herself, unless he/she has waived the right;
  2. To University Officials who have a legitimate educational interest in the records;
  3. To other individuals, such as parents, when the student has provided consent;
  4. To release requested student directory information (as defined in the FERPA policy)

Several other exceptions exist that determine when UConn may release your student records and information. Please review Section C of UConn’s FERPA Policy for more information.

2. What information of mine can be publically shared?

Certain student information is considered directory information and can be shared with anyone that requests it. Please note this does not include your contact information. Examples of directory information include your name, degree sought and received, and dates of attendance. See Section D of UConn’s FERPA Policy for a full list of what types of student information are considered directory and therefore may be released.

3. Can I prevent this directory information from being released?

You may opt out of directory information from being shared with the public. Please note, that there are some considerations when you make this decision. For example, if an employer calls to verify that you have a degree, we will not be able to give them information since you have opted out of directory information being shared. We would then need your prior written consent to be able to share any information about you with someone outside of the University.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at to request to opt out of your directory information being shared outside of the University.

4. Does UConn share my contact information outside of the University?

We may share your contact information with the Foundation. We are also required, by the Solomon Act, to share your information with the military for recruiting purposes when requested.

5. Will you share my grades with my family?

No. We will only share any of your education records with your parents or any other individual outside of the University with your prior written consent.

6. Where do I find my FERPA pin code? 

FERPA pin codes are created by you and may be accessed by logging into the FERPA Designee Pin Page. YOu may create, modify, or remove pin codes at any time.

7. Can my parent/guardian view my records?

Only with your prior written consent may we release your protected education records to an individual like a parent or guardian. If you would like your parents to view certain records within your student administration account, please visit this page  for step by step instructions for how to create an account for your delegate.

8. Will UConn talk to my parents about my student information? 

We will only talk to your parents about your specific education records with your prior written consent. This includes any consent you give us in writing, over e-mail or through the pin code process.